Benefit Cheekathon Bronzer & Blush Palette

5:50:00 PM

When Benefit announced one of their newest products, the Cheekathon Bronzer & Blush Palette, I squealed and immediately sent the Instagram post to my best friend. A few weeks later, that sneaky gal had sent it to me as a gift after a really tough week. It's safe to say if I die suddenly she gets everything.

Next to Kat Von D, Benefit is my favorite high-end cosmetics company. They have the cutest packaging ever, and the products are worth the money. 

As I've mentioned before, I'm a blush fanatic. This palette included five full-sized best sellers. If you're familiar with Benefit, you already know these cult classics: Dandelion, Hoola, Rockateur, Dallas, and CORALista. For those who aren't a Benefitter (I just made that up, is that a thing?), this is the best selling highlighter, blushes, and bronzers. It's $145 worth of product for $58 — that's all five for the price of two! It also comes with a brush and a little booklet that teaches you how to use the products. 

I'm really excited to start using it. I Just have to get over how pretty they are and go for it!

Leah Janae has a great review of it on her channel and Benefit has a wonderful how-to guide.

Did you grab the Cheekathon? How do you like to use the products? What's your favorite Benefit product?

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