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Fandom Finds Friday

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Whether you're a Potterhead, Whovian or part of any of the other hundreds of fandom groups, one thing's for sure: proudly displaying your love is freakin' awesome, but the items can sometimes be a tad gaudy. When you're like me and pretending to be a fully-functioning adult, it gets hard to pass as legit while wearing Hogwarts-printed leggings.

This is why I like to decorate my room and self with sort-of adult fandom gear. Things that at first glance, any non-fandom friend or stranger would just think is a cool piece of art or nifty phone case. They also will give you major cool points to those who can recognize exactly where it comes from — yay validation!; $12
As I've mentioned, I'm a huge fan of The Melting Library's awesome candles. If you wish you could hang out with Sherlock in 221B Baker Street, then you're in for a treat with "A Study In Sherlock". While you won't be front and center while Sherlock and Watson do their thing, this cozy candle will make you feel like you're there with its vibrant notes of mahogany, leather, coffee and smoke. This candle not only smells absolutely amazing — it's stronger than the Anthology counterpart — it's also a subtle nod to everyone's favorite crazy detective.; $17-$25
For all the Potterheads out there, who says you're only limited to what Wizarding World and Hot Topic sell? No matter your House, this Deathly Hallows art print by Simona Borstnar will fit in with any decor. I love watercolors and the geometric design — both of which are always in style.; $22
"Never grow up" is basically my motto here at Modern Diction because of my major Peter Pan addiction: I own this Peter Pan tote bag, designed by Emilydove, and it looks even better in person. It's a more sophisticated design than the Disney character merch you see all over the place. Plus, it's roomy as hell and made of very thick material.; $30
Anyone who wasn't majorly into Doctor Who probably would just think this is one kick-ass clock, but avid fans of the long-running show will squeal with delight when they enter your Tardis — I mean house — and see this beauty designed by Sof Andrada. What else could you want in a timepiece?; $25
Don't think I forgot music fandoms, either. As someone who's been heavily involved in countless band fandoms over the past 15 years, there's nothing I love more than band merch. Seriously, my only funeral request is to be buried in one of my band T-shirts; preferably this one, but I digress. My roommate, Nicole, is a huge The 1975 fan and owns this The 1975 iPhone case designed by Ausurie. It's a cool take on their song and accurately displays my constant default state of mind: UGH!

Time to spill! What fandom are you in and what's your favorite fandom-related item that you own?

Images: etsy (1); society6 (3); redbubble (1)

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