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Fandom Finds Friday

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Whether you're a Potterhead, Whovian or part of any of the other hundreds of fandom groups, one thing's for sure: proudly displaying your love is freakin' awesome, but the items can sometimes be a tad gaudy. When you're like me and pretending to be a fully-functioning adult, it gets hard to pass as legit while wearing Hogwarts-printed leggings.

This is why I like to decorate my room and self with sort-of adult fandom gear. Things that at first glance, any non-fandom friend or stranger would just think is a cool piece of art or nifty phone case. They also will give you major cool points to those who can recognize exactly where it comes from — yay validation!; $24.99
While I have a plethora of favorite bands, Panic At The Disco lands very high on my list. To help raise money for the horrendous Pulse shooting in Orlando (where I also used to live), the band has created this amazing shirt that features lyrics from their song "Girls/Girls/Boys". It's only available until June 23, but 100% of proceeds go to the Pulse Victims Fund. I got mine, and cannot wait to wear it.; $35
It's safe to say I about lost my shit when I saw this Harry Potter pillow on Etsy. I not only bought myself one but one of my best friends. It's handmade to order and features incredible details. The POA pillow here has a fold out Marauders Map and the first page of the book. All seven book are sold separately or you can buy the whole series. It does take about 10+ weeks to receive, so plan ahead if you really want to get one.; $30
With the season finale of Orphan Black happening last night (and the sad news that the next season will be the last!) I had to add an item from my favorite Sci-Fi show! Whether it be coffee, tea or soup, this handmade mug will fit in with any kitchen decor. Plus, it makes a great gift for a fellow Sestra!; $20-$35
So it's not exactly a fandom piece, but I had to include this incredible pillow made by the Society6 artist, Replaceface. It's literally so amazing and ingenious I wonder why no one had thought of it before. If you want to show your love for Robert Downey Jr., this is the pillow for you. Now, no one can say you didn't have him in your bed!; $18
There is SO much Star Wars merch out in the world, but if you want something truly unique, this cute carry-all pouch by artist Josh Ln can hold all of your bag essentials while showing off your love for the franchise. LOVE IT!

Time to spill! What fandom are you in and what's your favorite fandom-related item that you own?

Images: teespring (1); etsy (2); society6 (2)

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