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I'm what you'd call a candle hoarder. BBW, by far, has my favorite scents, I can't get enough of them — plus the coupons! But as of late, I've been gravitating toward Etsy shops that specialize in candlemaking. Read on to see my favorites.

As a self-proclaimed Anglophile, I was excited (total understatement) to see this scent — I now own three. It's soft and citrusy with the right him of tea. BBW is also known for their long burning times. This is listed as 25-45 hours, although I've had most of my candles for years. $22.50

2) Anthology Candles "Baker Sreet Flat"
You will see this candle and the next once again in another post, but I couldn't leave it out. AC is known for turning movies, T.V. shows and theme park faves into candles. If you're a fan of Sherlock, you'll love this scent of wood, tobacco and leather. It's not overpowering in the least. Now, if only it could summon the next season...sigh. $16

3) The Melting Library "Amortentia"
This Brooklyn-based Etsy company specializes in scents inspired by your favorite books. Seeing as I'm a major Potterhead, I had to get this one based on the classic scene from HBP. The scent is light and minty and although it sounds like an odd mix, it really blends together. $12

4) Scentsational "Lavender"
This company hails from my hometown of Venice, FL (WHADUPPP??) and I own far too many. Lavender is one of my favorite scents, and this candle doesn't disappoint. It's especially good to light at night while winding down for bed. $14.95

What's your favorite candle? I'd love to try out some new scents!

Images: unsplash (1); BBW (1); etsy (2); scentsational (1)

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