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I've only lived for 27 years, but I've acquired a ton of useless knowledge — or as my mom calls them "my own Snapple Facts." There are just certain things in life that you should spend extra money on. And doing so will make your life that much better.
In today's lesson, I'm going to discuss the top 5 things you should never skimp on.

Number one: Toilet paper. Here's the thing, we all use the bathroom — and we use it a lot. According to Distractify, we use the bathroom 6 times a day for a lifetime amount of 1.6 years. My roommate is guilty of buying the .79 cent rolls that you need half the roll for one session. It's just not worth it to use one-ply paper people! Splurge the extra cash and buy the soft stuff. Your butt will thank you.
Number two: Your pillow. You're probably catching on here, but another thing more than go to the bathroom is sleep! Distractify also says we spend 25 years of our life with our head to the pillow. Why should you spend that time sleeping on a pillow that hurts your neck or is the victim of your late night punch-a-thon when you could sleep on a cloud? My brother swears by this $30 Cosco pillow, and I have to hand it to him, it's absolutely amazing.
Number three: Vanilla. Hear me out. You might only use vanilla a few times a year, but wouldn't you rather impress the hell out of your friends when you do make a recipe that calls for it? Imitation vanilla is gross and should be banned and is an insult to your culinary masterpiece. Just spend the damn $7 and get the good stuff. It will completely revolutionize your baking. Plus, it makes smoothies taste that much yummier!
Number four: Concert tickets. So this may not be a necessity like the first two, but as someone who has gone to hundreds of concerts, I can attest that it's worth it to get the good seats. This doesn't mean mortgaging your house to afford $2,000 platinum seats to see your favorite act. All I'm saying is if you're already spending $30 to park at the venue, plus gas and whatever else (GLOW STICKS!), why sit at the top of the stadium and have to squint? Might as well stay home and listen to the live album. Buy those lower bowl or floor tickets and get into it — it'll be so much better!
Number five: Footwear We've all been there, and it's no fun and no matter what, Band-Aids don't always help. Whether you wear heels 8 hours a day, rock sneaks, or add flats to your frock, comfortable footwear is a must. Everyone should have at least one awesome pair of shoes that are of great quality and can last years. There is nothing worse than spending the day in shoes that rip up your feet and make you wish you could float to your next destination.
What's one item you never skimp on? Comment below!

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