Artist Spotlight: Gavin James

5:29:00 PM

Discovering new music is my absolute favorite thing to do. Whether it's from my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify or the opening performer at a show, finding a new singer or band that I love makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Day.

To extend that same happy feeling to you, I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite people!

I first heard Gavin James when he opened for Kodaline last year. I was instantly obsessed and quickly became a fan that night. It came as no surprise since acoustic folk music is one of my favorite genres. I'm impatiently waiting for him to announce US tour dates. 

His music videos are absolutely amazing and worth a look. Check out "22" and "The Book Of Love"

His debut album, Bitter Pill, is out now. I recommend listening to him if you're a fan of people like James Bay and Ed Sheeran. He's another adorable red head who can fill the void in Ed's absence.  

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