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I'll start off by saying when I confided in my mother and told her I was going to start working out she laughed for a solid 90 seconds. So if that gives you any indication of how out of shape I am, well...

Let's also pretend I'm not typing this while drinking a Blue Moon and snacking on nonpareils (CHEAT DAY, OKAY?!).
It does take A LOT of effort to come home after a long day and work out — I won't lie about that. 
Since gyms are so expensive, I've decided to walk/jog 4 days a week — I aim for 3 miles since I'm a newbie. And the 5th day I'll walk and do some cardio in my room.
In this case, cardio is code for turning on 90s pop and dancing my butt off for an hour or following this cool, yet effective video and doing these daily workout.
I know it's not much, but I'm taking it quite slow since I'm neither fit nor agile.
I've also decided to walk to a little market by my house to get all of my groceries instead of going to a big supermarket. The food is fresher, cheaper (usually) and it gives me an added workout.
I'm doing it more to help my skin and get toned than lose weight since I'm already small, and as much as it sucks to take photos of yourself in your underpants, progress photos are a must — so just do it!
When it comes to food, my crockpot is my saving grace! The possibilities are endless and it's so, so easy — everyone needs to own one. There are thousands of recipes on Pinterest, I always just get lost in a crockpot void. I also love making turkey burgers, but you have to make sure to season them well.
Funnily enough, if you're not one to want to cook, I suggest having a fun cooking-only playlist to listen to. Might I suggest the Chocolat soundtrack?
A few of my favorite recipes are below:
Sunrise Smoothie (5 ingredients)
Blueberry spinach smoothie (7-8 ingredients)
Lemon Thyme Crockpot Chicken I put this into individual zip baggies and freeze them.
Tell me all about your fitness routine: what works, what sucks?

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