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Sometimes, I consider my expensive taste to be a curse; and other times it's a blessing. I am not gifted with the bank account of a Kardashian, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the finer things in life.

When I can, I use some of my extra cash to get something nice — other than concert tickets. This is not to say I drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on designer items — HA HA! I wish! The small amount of designer items I owe were bought at very reduced rates and I'll let you in on my secrets.

Two of my favorite luxury items would be my Saint Laurent metallic wallet and my Saint Laurent Arty Ring. My third favorite is my Burberry moto jacket, which I still drool over it.

I first fell in love with Saint Laurent in high school, regardless of my love for all things punk and cheap. The moment I first saw the Arty Ring online I knew I had to have one. Once I saw the price tag, I immediately sighed. Flash forward a decade and I own one!

You might have gone to a school like mine where girls were driving Mercedes and wearing Chanel. It didn't bother me that much because again, I was super punk rock (ha!). As someone who has an obsession with fashion, there was a part of me that wanted to own these items as well.

My secret to scoring these items isn't new, but it works. The trick is to hit up reputable EBay stores and consignment stores. I walked into a consignment store on a whim during my 27th birthday festivities and that's where I saw the Burberry jacket in all it's glory — at 75% off retail. My eyes filled with tears and I spent over an hour debating if I should buy it.

My favorite online store is The Real Real. I've been buying things from them for over two years and have loved every piece. They usually have a 20% off code and if you save things to your Obsess list, you get emails for price drops. While I cannot afford most of the items, I have purchased the YSL ring, an Alexander McQueen scarf, J Brand and Habitual jeans and a 3.1 Philip Lim shirt for far below retail.

Reputable EBay sellers is another great way to find great deals. I bought the YSL wallet for a little under $200, which is a steal.

My other favorite places to buy designer items are local consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. I have recently found $11 J Brand jeans at Crossroads. I have found that Crossroads has way better pricing and a friendlier staff than BE. When I lived in Florida I would go to the most expensive part of town and hit up Goodwill and consignment stores. You'd be amazed at what people give away or sell.

I rarely buy anything retail and most items in my closet are second-hand. It helps that I'm really serious about helping the environment, and that's a great way to lend a hand and still look great.

I could never afford brands like Topshop, UNIF, Zara, etc at full price, so these stores are my favorite way to spend less on my favorite brands. Sometimes, these clothes even have the tags still on them.

If you're interested, I'll make a new post about my mid-priced consignment store finds since it's a huge passion of mine.

What's been your favorite consignment store find?

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