Sleepovers — fun for ages 5-105

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Oh, the sleepover! Every weekend called for one when I was a kid, and even to this day, I love having my friends stay the night.
While we may do more grown up activities now —margaritas for milkshakes and Cards Against Humanity over Chutes and Ladders, the basic principle is the same: Hanging out with your friends makes you feel good.
Theres just something so much better about sleepovers than gathering the group to go to a bar or a quick brunch. It might be because you can act as batshit crazy as you want without stares from other patrons, or, in my case, you can run around in your bra singing early 2000s pop-punk with not a blink from friends.

And if you need an excuse to have a sleepover, a UCLA study found that hanging out with your female friends can totally counteract your stress. What these awesome scientists found is that instead of choosing your “fight or flight” option, those born with the female X and Y chromosomes are more likely to want to surround themselves with other females. This then sets off some happy chemicals in your brain that dissolves stress naturally. And guess what? This doesn’t occur in those born as male, either — ha! Boys drool, girls rule!

When you’re feeling really stressed out, make it your mission to gather your friends and have a good old-fashioned slumber party. Because the more time you spend hanging out, the less stress you’ll end up having. Plus, it’s a great excuse to build a fort in the middle of your living room and act like teenagers again. Light as a feather, stiff as a board...

So next time you’re debating plans with your girls, think of your health — and then scarf down that whole bowl of guac and chips because why the hell not?!

What’s your favorite or worst sleepover memory from your childhood?

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