Summer accessories: Featuring ALDO and Pura Vida

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Summertime, summertime, summertime. It's my favorite season ever and for good reason. As a native Floridian, it's summer every day, but now that I live in the Northeast, I value every second of warm weather. The layers and layers of shirts and jackets can now be replaced with fun, on-trend accessories. 

I somehow usually end up buying summer-ready items right before they turn out being the "must have" items of the season. Call it intuition or luck, but it seems to always happen! I'm really excited that some of my favorite items from my childhood, like chokers and anklets, are making a comeback.

ASOS is my go-to site for pretty much everything, and they have the largest selection of accessories ever. It takes a lot for me to buy something full price, but ASOS' wide selection is always great quality.

Read on to see my recent purchases.

My best friend, Olivia, sent me these for my birthday after I told her how much I love their bracelets. When ordering from Pura Vida you're not only getting pretty accessories (that start at just $5), you're also helping to provide jobs for Costa Ricans. Plus, many of their designs, like these, benefit a particular environmental, humanitarian or social cause. 

I am an anklet fanatic, so I was super excited when I noticed they were making a comeback (thank you Coachella)! This is a stone and coin chain with an adjustable chain length. It's not at all annoying to walk with and adds that bit of boho cuteness to any outfit. 

Not to exaggerate, but I 100% gasped when I saw this choker. I absolutely adore chokers, and they're usually my go-to choice of neckwear. You could imagine my utter excitement when the queen of fashion, Taylor Swift, declared chokers as the new flower crown. This delicate rose gold design is the perfect summer accessory that won't weigh you down in the heat. 

Another jewelry trend rocking Coachella and various other festivals is the body chain. Thanks to fashionable girls like Bella Hadid, the rest of us mere mortals were given the green light to rock these. I personally would keep the rest of my outfit minimal (like a bodysuit and shorts) and wear this over.

Are you going to try any of these trends? Which is your favorite for the summer?

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