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Fandom Finds Friday

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Whether you're a Potterhead, Whovian or part of any of the other hundreds of fandom groups, one thing's for sure: proudly displaying your love is freakin' awesome, but the items can sometimes be a tad gaudy. When you're like me and pretending to be a fully-functioning adult, it gets hard to pass as legit while wearing Hogwarts-printed leggings.

This is why I like to decorate my room and self with sort-of adult fandom gear. Things that at first glance, any non-fandom friend or stranger would just think is a cool piece of art or nifty phone case. They also will give you major cool points to those who can recognize exactly where it comes from — yay validation!; $110
While a duvet cover isn't the most subtle of fandom items, a quick look at this design by whoviandrea, and you'd never guess it was a Harry Potter Ravenclaw watercolor. Someone would really need to Slytherin to your sheets to get a good look at the design — ba dum tss!; $10
When I saw The Fangirl Life at work in the free bin, I knew I had to grab it. There's no better fandom find item than a book that describes your emotions and obsessions to a T! Plus, you can totally geek out over it in private with zero judgment!; $22-45
As you know, I'm a sucker for subscription boxes, and this new one by Nerdisan Box is absolutely amazing! Each month has its own theme: like Doctor Who, Harry Potter or this Chesire Cat one. It's filled with 4-8 rad goodies that are handmade by small businesses. Even cooler, they list their partners so you can also check out their items!; $5-13
You already know all about my candle obsession, so it should be no surprise that another one has made the Fandom Finds list! Waxspurts is a brand new store that launched this month and the company features hand poured candles inspired by your favorite things! My mouth is watering just at the sight of this Honeydukes candle!; $4
When you need to be a functioning member of the "real world" (PSH!), you can get away with still supporting your favorite House Elf with these AdoptAPencil pencils! They have a huge selection of fandom-inspired pencils and other funny sayings!

Time to spill! What fandom are you in and what's your favorite fandom-related item that you own?

Images: redbubble (1); instagram (1); etsy (2)

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