Primark Grand Opening

7:43:00 PM

This is NOT a drill! Primark has opened within driving distance of me in the Freehold Raceway Mall and I decided to attend the grand opening event that took place Saturday July 16.

If you don't know what Primark is, you're about to be blown away! It's a UK retailer known for their low prices and trendy pieces. They're on par with Forever 21, but the clothes are much better quality. I've been following the brand for years, as I am a self-proclaimed Anglophile, and couldn't contain my excitement when I saw it was opening.

I was more than willing to shove all of my money at the poor sales person's face when it came time to check out.

From clothes to shoes, to houseware, Primark sells it all! Would you believe me if I told you the most expensive thing I purchased was $14? Well, it was! The amazing, and SUPER comfortable pants below were only $14 each — holy cow!

When it came to shirts, I had to do a double-take with the prices. I grabbed three tanks for $1.60 each and some crop tops for $5 each, the sleeveless tops were $4.50. The shorts I bought were also both under  5 bucks. Plus, the accessories I purchased were less than $15 total.

Have you been to a Primark before? What's your favorite item?

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