I tried to get Cursed Child tickets, and this is what happened

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July 31st was a very special day for Potterheads around the world, not only was it Harry Potter and J.K. Rowlings' birthday, Cursed Child had just been released and fans were frantically trying to finish the script before seeing any spoilers. Four days later, the second batch of tickets to see the original play went on sale. As one of the many millions of fanatics, I decided I wanted to travel to London to see Cursed Child as it was meant to be seen.

This meant waking up a little before 5 am on August the fourth and joining the pre-queue for the ticket line. Since they decided it would be "randomized" it didn't matter when you logged on, as long as you did before 11am BST...which was 6am my time.

Below, my experience told through the 21st century's favorite artform: GIFs.
Finding out I had to be up before the sun in order to get in line..ahem..the queue for tickets:

Securing my spot in the queue:

When three hours had passed and I was still number 26,264 (only 5,000 spots from where I first entered):

The moment Cursed Child tweeted that one site had already sold out of tickets:

Six hours in, I then began to bargain with a higher being. "Dear god, if I get these tickets I SWEAR I will stop buying Kylie Lipkits! PLEASE!" And still, I had only moved up to 13,840 people ahead of me.

Seven hours watching my little wizard move down the screen, I could imagine he was getting quite tired by then, I had gotten into the 6,000s. I was hopeful that this meant something good and I let myself finally smile and get excited.

After eight hours, the number of people in front of me was moving at an increasing rate. My heart starting beating faster and my palms were sweating. My faith was definitely starting to be restored as it got closer and closer to my turn.












You're up next!

This was it! It was my time to use my 5 minutes to grab whatever I could. I know now how Sirius had felt!

While my friend got the dreaded error message hundreds of others got, I crossed my fingers praying to Dumbledore that my browser would not have the same fate. Luckily, it pulled through. My shaky hands selected a date in late August and clicked on what we wanted.

The moment of truth was entering my credit card number and hitting the place order button. A spot many Tweeted about things going wrong. And happened.
We were successful! An entire 9 hours later, I had booked our tickets to see Cursed Child and I almost fell out of my office chair in excitement! Now to wait 388 days.

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