The Coolest Stuff You Can Buy On Etsy

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You can find so many amazing things on Etsy, especially if you're in a fandom. But sometimes, I come across some items that cause my jaw to drop in amazement. 

Number one on my list HAS to be Ruby Robin Boutique. This Irish shop owner creates hand-crafted jewelry with mushrooms, crystals, and real flowers inside. They are absolutely breath-taking and belong in a museum. You'll get so many compliments wearing her creations.

$45; on sale right now for $35
 I've been absolutely obsessed with BZR Shop for years and the amazing ombre tights she makes are the best things ever. They are seriously works of art, plus they're hand-dyed  —which HOLY COW, HOW?!
Y'all already know how big of a Potterhead I am, so I had to include these OrchardWorks wands. They're hand-carved — WHAT?! Seriously I can't even break chopsticks evenly and they can create these beauties. HOT DAMN! They'll also custom make a design you created. And if you need to love them even more, they created the wand used in an episode of  Masters Of None!
The hand-painted shoes that ibleedheART makes are spec-freakin-tacular. I would almost be too nervous to wear them in case I got dirt all over them. From these nautical TOMs to an ode to your home state, she can design just about anything you want.

What's your favorite thing you've found on Etsy?

Images: unsplash (1); etsy (4)

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