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Whether you're a Potterhead, Whovian or part of any of the other hundreds of fandom groups, one thing's for sure: proudly displaying your love is freakin' awesome, but the items can sometimes be a tad gaudy. When you're like me and pretending to be a fully-functioning adult, it gets hard to pass as legit while wearing Hogwarts-printed leggings.

This is why I like to decorate my room and self with sort-of adult fandom gear. Things that at first glance, any non-fandom friend or stranger would just think is a cool piece of art or nifty phone case. They also will give you major cool points to those who can recognize exactly where it comes from — yay validation!

Netflix's new series Stranger Things has taken the world by storm, so today's Fandom Finds Friday is a special Stranger Things edition! Deciding on five items was hard, but I've compiled my faves below — a few of which I've bought.; $12
I immediately had to order this pin by The Exploding Awesome because it glows in the dark! Plus, enamel pins are making a HUGE comeback so why not jump on the trend by showing off love for an amazing series?!; $7
Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. Hopper couldn't have said it better. This is another pin I purchased from Warewolf Press and I'm so excited to wear it. I love the design and it's a more subtle nod to the show.; $17
This waffle necklace looks almost good enough to eat. Show off your love for Eggos and Eleven when you wear this ScrumptiousDoodle necklace.; $9.99+
Fans of Dustin/"Toothless" will love to wear the same shirt he did in the series — this one is made by LowPop. Some passer byes may think you just really love artichokes, while others will be in on the reference.; $14.50
I've featured The Melting Library many times and I couldn't leave Raquel's Eleven Waffle-scented candle off of this list. Friends will not want to leave your house once you light this baby.

Time to spill! What fandom are you in and what's your favorite fandom-related item that you own?

Images: etsy (5)

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