Nerdisan Boxes — First impressions

4:31:00 PM

Another day, another subscription box — and I couldn't be more excited! I pre-ordered the November Nerdisan Harry Potter Box for $22 (a $43 value is promised) and patiently waited for its arrival.

Since I had already done a Ravenclaw Fandom of the Month Box, I stuck with the general Misc. box for this, which didn't include any house-specific items.

I like Nerdisan boxes because everything is handmade by small business owners and I just love supporting my local Etsy shop.

I was really impressed by the quality of all the items inside — my favorite is probably the double-sided necklace made by Taypop Designs. It would definitely make my Fandom Finds list. I also adore the coasters designed by Geeks With Scissors, but curious as to how they stand up to condensation.

The one thing I like about sub boxes is if you don't love something, you can always gift the item to someone else, which is totally what I'm doing with the bracelet since I don't wear bracelets. Shh. Don't tell.

To be quite honest, I would have probably paid $15 for this box instead of $22 since it seemed on par with FOTM in terms of items, quality of items and how impressed I was with each item and the box as a whole.

What's your favorite subscription box?

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