Cool shit from the internet Vol. 3

2:52:00 PM

In a new blog post that I will try to actually do every other week or so, I'm going to round up some of the coolest shit I've seen online. From products to videos to memes, anything that catches my attention will be posted here.

Before I get started, I know I haven't been keeping this post regular, I was on vacation for a few weeks and trying to do some catching up.

1. Two of my favorite things collide here: Sherlock and tea! These adorable tea bags from victoriamaedesigns have the best quotes from everyone's favorite sociopath. Sorry highly functioning sociopath.

2. This adorable DIY project from Kailochic looks like such a fun weekend project. I'm always on the hunt for easy/cheap DIY ideas especially ones that transform IKEA items.

3. I'm so happy Parks and Rec is still going strong despite being off the air. it's one of my all-time favorite shows and these pins from FandonFlairPins are ridiculously awesome. I need them all. They have the best selection of fandom pins.

4. I can't talk about the internet without talking about April! and Oliver! Giraffes are my favorite animals ever so naturally I'm obsessed with her live stream and have been watching for what seems like ever. That baby needs to hurry up!

5. I change my desktop picture 50 times a day so I was stoked to find Design Love Fest. This site posts FREE backgrounds that are stunning. There is something for everyone and every day of the week!

What's the best thing you've seen online this week?

Images: unsplash (1);  instagram (2); etsy (1); facebook (1); design love fest; (1)

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