I Wore A Vibrating Posture Button To See If It Would Fix My Slouching

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Posture button to help my slouching

I sit in front of my computer for over nine hours a day and I'm usually so slumped that I give Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame a run for his money. I try to be conscious of the way I'm sitting but it can get really hard to remember to sit up straight for the entire day. 

So when I saw Lumo Body Tech had a posture coach called the Lumo Lift, I knew I had to try it out. The device, which is $59.99, claims that it can improve your posture in as little as 14 days. 

lumo lift posture coach button

The Lumo Lift vibrating sensor is about an inch long and goes on the inside of your shirt using a magnet. There is a phone app that goes along with the device, which will track your posture throughout the day. I decided to try out the Lumo Lift for one week to see how if it made any difference in my posture. I wanted to find out if using the product could help cut my habit of slouching and if my posture would improve. 

On the first day, I barely lasted four minutes before the Lumo Lift started buzzing that I was slouching. It feels just like a phone vibration and it quickly snapped me back into proper posture. After about four days, I was going hours with great posture and barely had to get a buzz to remind me to sit up straight. 

I was really surprised at how well the Lumo Lift worked to keep me sitting up straight and my back has felt so much better as a result. The other great thing I love is that the posture button also counts steps and you can "mute" the vibrating reminder as well.

Have you ever tried a posture coach? Do you think the Lumo Lift would help you?

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