Artist Spotlight: Grayscale

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Discovering new music is my absolute favorite thing to do. Whether it's from my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify or the opening performer at a show, finding a new singer or band that I love makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Day. 
To extend the same happy feeling to you, I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite people!

I thought I couldn't love another rock band because I already had so many favorites — then PA-based band Grayscale entered my life. A few of their songs had been popping up on my Spotify over the last year or two and I was finally able to see them live at Warped Tour this year. I truly think if Warped didn't end Grayscale would be on the main stage next year.

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They'll be heading out on tour with Real Friends this fall and you bet your butt I already bought a ticket. They are absolutely worth checking out and I urge anyone who's a fan of pop punk to give them a listen because they're only going to get bigger from here. Also, their merch is sick and some of the best out there!

Check out my favorite songs from Grayscale, "August Love" and "Beautiful Things"

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