Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour Costume

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If you've ever been to a Taylor Swift concert than you know that thousands of fans dress up in creative costumes for the show. I am no exception. As a huge "Swiftie" I wanted to make my reputation Stadium Tour costume unforgettable. 

I documented the two months—yes, two whole months—it took to create the outfit and wanted to share it in hopes it inspires other fans or even serves as inspiration as a Halloween costume!

It took me almost 2 weeks just to decide on my costume theme. I had eight ideas based on song lyrics but ultimately decided to do something completely original. 

As it turns out, the bodysuit Taylor wears during part of her performance is almost identical to the one I bought months before the tour even started — clearly I need to be hired onto her costuming department.

I knew that I wanted a really crazy jacket and I had fallen in love with a tinsel one I saw online. I figured I could definitely make one. Little did I know just how hard it was going to be.

I found a $3 sparkly jacket at Goodwill and decided on, get this, parade float fringe! I bought over 100 feet of it and hand-sewed it onto the jacket. I also used epoxy glue. My fingers are still sore from measuring, cutting and sewing but it was worth it.

For my Medusa-inspired snake crown, I got a pack of headbands and endlessly searched for rubber snakes in May — do you know how hard that was?! If you want to recreate this, the trick is to get hard snakes and only use a few rubbery ones to cascade down. Otherwise, they will not stay up and slump over. I used green paint to give them some color then lightly spray painted them gold so you could still see the texture. I then meticulously hot-glued them on in a design and burned my fingers countless times. 

As for the snake bodysuit, I wanted something that didn't look cartoony so I finally found the perfect pattern at Fredrick's of Hollywood (ooh la la). I used rhinestones on the bodysuit to give it some extra sparkle. To finish the outfit off, I even got the exact same tights Taylor wears on tour at Capezio's flagship store in NYC. Trust me when I say they make your legs look AMAZING!

See below for the complete look! I was secretly hoping to get rep room and meet Taylor, but sadly I wasn't chosen (even with over 2,300+ notes on Tumblr — SIGH!). I can't wait to see what her next era will be and am excited to go into my 13th year as a fan!

Have you ever dressed up for a concert? 

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